Sonny Manson (-Retired-):Sonny at the Ride 2017

EOD Technician @ EOD Mobile Unit 2.
-BUD/S Class 221
-SEAL TEAM 4, 10 and 7.


McB as he is called is a highly decorated combat veteran, Navy SEAL and diversely skilled operator. As a SEAL platoon operator and leader, he has deployed multiple times into combat zones in four U.S Op­erational Theaters. With a 24-year career as a United States Navy SEAL, he has operated and trained with; SEAL Team One, SEAL Team Two, SEAL Team Three, SEAL Team Four and SEAL Team Eight. While McB has had a success­ful Navy career, he is also an award-winning photographer, videographer and a well-versed speaker. His message is not only motivational on a corporate level, but also promotes indi­vidual and personal growth and responsibility. This multi-media presentation will highlight the “NEVER QUIT Attitude” which make Navy SEALs successful and share the defining character­istics that promote leadership in a SEAL platoon.