Bill Christman – Founder and president of ThanktheSEALs

Bill C. Bio
In 2014 while watching the Fox News special, ” The man who killed Osama Bin Laden”, I realized as an American citizen, and a patriotic one at that, I wasn’t doing enough to show my gratefulness to the men and women who sacrifice so much including they’re very lives, to protect and defend our country and way of life! These men and women, less than 1% of the population, protect the very freedoms that we get to enjoy everyday handing them over to us on a silver platter.

I decided right then and there that I would do something to show my appreciation and raise awareness and funds for our military veterans and families. TTS has grown and has settled into its own mission, ” Veteran’s First One family at a Time”. This mission is simple, we highlight two different families each year who have lost their loved one in service to our country. Through our yearly events, a motorcycle ride and a benefit dinner, we raise awareness and funds for our military veterans and particularly the beneficiary families for that year, one Navy Seal family and one other military branch family. These families and their children endured an enormous loss, a loss and pain that they will have to live with every day of their lives. We want them to know that we care about them and we will not take their pain and suffering or their loved ones ultimate sacrifice for granted! We hope this message will resonate with other grateful Americans to do what they can to show their appreciation.

ThanktheSEALs will never thank these families over the phone, by email or text, we will ride to their home, anywhere in the United States, and personally deliver our message of thanks and appreciation. Their sacrifice and loss was personal and so shall be our thanks and gratitude!

Jose Manuel Cerda – V.P. of ThanktheSEALs


US Army Veteran serving with the 1st Calvary Division Fort Hood, Texas and 2nd Infantry Division camp Stanley in Korea.

Father on one BEAUTIFUL baby girl Sariah Lynn Cerda!

Garey Chrones


Garey is a US Navy combat veteran, Firefighter, Councilman & Beneficiary Selection Officer for Thank The SEALs. Since leaving military service, he continues to make it his mission to support fallen solider families. A promise to never forget those left behind. “I live to serve the Gold Star families, all of whom I owe.”

Paula Chrones – Treasurer of ThanktheSEALs

Paula is a loving wife, proud mother and patriot. Who spends her free time supporting our troops and their families. Paula has an accounting degree from St. Ambrose University which she uses as the Treasurer for Thank The SEALs. She also enjoys running for all military causes.

Kevin Hernandez


I am not a veteran but I am a proud Patriot.  I am blessed with a supportive wife, three sons and a beautiful daughter.

I have always held a high respect for those who have and do serve our great nation. My dad served in the Marines and then the Air Force, my brother in the Navy. And now I am a proud Navy Dad, with my two oldest sons serving in the US Navy.
I am a faith-filled Christian and this is an opportunity for me to serve God, by serving others through TTS. It is about the families…praying for and honoring them and the ultimate sacrifice they have endured.
Peace and Victory 1Cor 15:57