The ride, July 21st 2018, is now starting and ending in Bettendorf Iowa for 2018! One great ride, one great experience you don’t want to miss! Details on ride day coming soon!

In years past we’ve had two rides, one leaving from Bettendorf Iowa to Des Moines and another Des Moines area ride. It’s only fair that we reverse it and have the Des Moines area riders come down to Bettendorf Iowa. We are grateful to Big Barn Harley-Davidson and all the Des Moines area riders support and hope that you all will come down here for 2018.

So many people from the Quad City area traveled to Des Moines for the dinner and ride in the in past years, TTS thought it would be nice for the Des Moines Patriots to join us down in Bettendorf for 2018! Don’t worry it will be worth your while!

ThanktheSEALs promotes Veteran’s first and personally honors their loved ones….One Family at a Time! Check out the beneficiary page highlighting the two new families for 2018! While you’re at it, go to the beneficiary archives page and check out the families honored last year in 2017.

Through our ride and dinner we raise funds to benefit these families. Monies raised go directly to these families, as we keep it very simple here at ThanktheSEALs! Your hard-earned dollars will go directly to benefit these families and the children left behind. ThanktheSEALs never mails anyone a check, we ride directly to their home anywhere in the United States and hand deliver it from all of us! Their service to our great nation and to all of us was personal and so shall be are honor, thanks and support!

These Heroes gave their lives for our very freedoms and because of that, their families have had to endure a forever heartbreaking loss. We can’t take that loss or pain away but we can certainly show them how much we care and that we won’t take these freedoms for granted!

– Never was so much owed by so many to so few- Winston Churchill